Sunday, February 28, 2010

Governor Schwarzenegger is Wrong About Enforcing our State CAP and Trade law

The global warming alarmists got help several years ago when CA Gov. Schwarzenegger turned up to support the very bad state Climate Action Plan (Assembly Bill 32).
California's AB32, the state "Global Warming Solutions Action of 2006"  (silly name) was passed with the support of our Governor during a time when the state budget was already out of whack, and now it's even worse with a $27 billion deficit.
This law will be destructive and could eventually be the most expensive global warming law in the USA. 
Unemployment in our state is now at about 12 percent, and California government spending has increased along with taxes and the government payroll.
But that's minor stuff.  If our Governor enforces provisions of our State "Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006", we will be in even more financial trouble.
Any enforcement of this current CAP n Trade law in our state would be wrong, would hurt private business and our economy, would cost the state even more jobs, would hurt the private real estate industry, would result in larger government and smaller private enterprise, and would probably have no impact on the environment.
Let's tell our Governor leader that he should back off and not enforce this bad legislation and try and new approach.

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