Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 Ways to Tell Whether You're Getting a Good Deal on Buying a Home

how to tell whether you are getting a good deal

How Do You Know Whether You are Getting a Good Deal When Buying a Home?

1.   Know what 'good deal' means TO YOU.

  • Is a good deal getting the home of your dreams, over multiple offers, at a price you can afford?  Is it buying a home for 30% less than its current owner paid for it?  Is it getting a bargain, meaning you get a discount off what the home is worth on the open market? 

2.   Do the math - compare "your" price to other benchmarks. 

  • The price you agree to pay or accept for a home is meaningless in a vacuum; to understand whether it's a "good" price, you've got to compare it with a few pricing benchmarks. 

3.  Factor in the specifics of your situation.

  • Seasonality, market dynamics, affordability and the competition. 

4.  Don't forget any extra "bang" you're getting for your buck. 

  • Buyers:  If the seller is paying some or all of your closing costs, HOA dues, throwing in extra furniture/appliances, or otherwise sweetening the pot, keep that in mind. 
  • Sellers:   If the buyer has agreed to a fast or slow close, at your request, or even came up a few thousand on their offer price to empower you to pay all your mortgages and liens off, don't forget that, either.

a good deal on home buying

Source:  This is an outline from the good Tara-Nicholle Nelson real estate education article -   "4 Ways to Tell if You're Getting a Good Deal - on Your Home!"   -  Here's a link to the article - click here


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4 Ways to Tell if You're Getting a Good Deal on Buying a Home 

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