Monday, January 30, 2012

Positive Economy Trends Appear at Orange County, California


There are positive local economic trends appearing at Orange County CA in several sectors. ECONOMY AND BUSINESS


Job numbers for Orange County CA during December 2011 had big year-over-year gain in number employed - largest increase in number of OC working people since January 2001 (11 years ago).

Lots of Orange County workers are still out of work.  However, December 2011 had lowest jobless count and lowest local unemployment rate since early 2009.

Orange County started 2012 with largest labor force in three years.

Food service business was a big job creator for 2011, and November 2011 set a record high of 143,200 Orange County restaurant workers.

Store owners added jobs in 2011, and November retail worker count was the highest for local merchants in three years.

Retail businesses added jobs during last three months of 2011 to meet holiday shopping, which was biggest year-end staffing up numbers since 2007.

New cars are selling again at Orange County - with year-to-date sales through October 2011 up 16 percent.

2.1 million square feet of local office space were leased out during 2011, which was biggest office leasing at Orange County since 2005.

Orange County builders took out permits for 4,818 homes, condo units and apartments during 2011, and that was up 56 percent vs. 2010.


I don't know whether these positive economy trends will hold strong for 2012, or whether we will have sustained economy growth at Orange County during this time.  We hope for the best for our Orange County economy, that private industry jobs will increase and buyer demand for real estate will be strong.  


Source of some information is Jon Lansner at Orange County Register, January 28, 2012. 

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