Friday, July 20, 2012

Trustee Sale Auctions After Foreclosure Scheduled at Irvine CA Real Estate

Irvine CA real estate

Irvine CA real estate has been a hotbed for active investors who want to buy foreclosure homes and properties - at both trustee auctions after non-judicial foreclosures - and when properties are listed again as REOs on the MLS.

Number of Irvine properties in the foreclosure process has declined during the past month and year.  Lots of qualified investor buyers for these properties are waiting for them to clear through the process and be available for purchase.

Irvine foreclosure inventories

 Irvine CA real estate Zip areas with homes now scheduled for such trustee sale auctions after non-judicial foreclosure

Irvine - 92602 - 38 properties

Irvine - 92603 - 60 properties

Irvine - 92604 - 57 properties

Irvine - 92606 - 27 properties

Irvine - 92612 - 37 properties 

Irvine - 92614 - 37 properties

Irvine - 92618 - 21 properties

Irvine - 92620- 76 properties

Irvine - all Zip areas - 353 properties

Many of these trustee auctions after non-judicial foreclosure are expected to be postponed one or more times - while lenders are determining whether owners qualify for alternative loan mods or whether lenders have the correct documents and information to complete foreclosure.

Although some of these Irvine CA properties are homes where people have tried to make payments, many others are with no payments to lenders being made.  Lenders are waiting to complete the foreclosure process - while some properties are being listed as SHORT SALES by owners who want to avoid foreclosure.

If you are an Irvine or Orange County CA distressed property owner, CONTACT US for information about theshort sale and avoiding foreclosure process.  



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This is for information only and is not the providing of professional legal or tax services.  For questions about your own foreclosure property or legal situation, contact an experienced real estate attorney.

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