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Orange County CA Home Sales and Prices February 2013

Orange County CA Home Selling Market 

Orange County CA homes sales and median selling prices were up last month during February 2013.

Quail Hill Irvine


February 2013

 Home Sold Prices Median at Orange County CA- during February 2013

Resale Homes - $529,500 - up 16.4 percent as compared with January 2013 

Resale condominiums - $325,000 - up 30 percent from last month

New Homes - $676,000 - up 21 percent from last month

All homes - $477,000 - up 22 percent from last month - also up as compared with one year ago


Homes sold at Orange County CA - during February 2013

Resale Houses - 1,424 homes sold - up 2.4 percent from January

Resale condominiums - 679 homes sold - up 6.8 percent from January

New Homes - 149 homes sold - up 75 percent from January

All homes - 2,252 homes sold - up 6.7 percent from January - also up from one year ago

It's not  surprising that the Orange County CA home selling market continues on a rebound and has lots of qualified and motivated buyers and not enough sellers.  

However, the small number of homes listed for still as compared with last year limits options for buyers.  This results in big-time buyer competition for homes and multiple offers, which drives prices and sellers expectations upward.  

Even though this Orange County housing market is very favorable for sellers, I expect that the selling price upward movement should stablize and level off as home selling supply goes up and gets closer to buyer demand.  



Source of information is DataQuick News and  



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