Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Estate Planning Basics for a California Property Owner

I've been asked about the benefits for a property owner in California to get organized and have professional estate planning.

estate planning 

Some basic answers to questions and valuable information about estate planning are provided in the California State Bar Association article on "Do I Need Estate Planning? - click here". 

  1. What is estate planning?
  2. What is involved in estate planning?
  3. Who needs estate planning?
  4. What is included in my estate?
  5. What is a will?
  6. What is a revocable living trust?
  7. What is probate?
  8. Can I name alternative beneficiaries?
  9. Who should be my executor or trustee?
  10. How should I provide for my minor children?
  11. When does estate planning involve tax planning?
  12. Does the way in which I hold title make a difference?
  13. Are there other ways of leaving property?
  14. What happens if I become unable to care for myself?
  15. Who should help me with my estate planning documents?
  16. Should I beware of "promoters" of financial and estate planning services?
  17. How much does estate planning cost?
  18. How do I find a qualified lawyer?  contact a Lawyer


If you are a property owner, I recommend that you consult with a qualified estate planning lawyer in your state and area about your own situation and possible estate planning needs. 

See How a Revocable Living Trust Can Help Your Estate Planning - (my other article).  This is for information only and not the providing of legal or tax services.


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