Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Costa Mesa CA Real Estate With Solid Number of Foreclosure Auctions Now Scheduled


Some people are predicting real estate business recovery patterns at Orange County CA

Real estate professionals at Costa Mesa CA real estate are working carefully to promote and protect their customers and clients - hope for positive patterns while being aware of the number of properties now scheduled for trustee auction sales after foreclosure.

California is a non-judicial foreclosure state - property foreclosures are started according to law by filing of notice of default.  Foreclosures are concluded at the end of the process with conducting of public trustee auction sales. 

Orange County CA cities with property trustee auction sales after foreclosure now scheduled for some time during the next 60 days are:

  • Costa Mesa CA - 180 properties scheduled for trustee auction sales after foreclosure
  • Irvine CA - 377 properties
  • Laguna Niguel CA - 210 properties
  • Newport Beach - 156 properties scheduled for trustee auction sales 
  • Dana Point CA - 95 properties
  • Huntington Beach - 316 properties
  • Laguna Beach CA - 63 properties
  • Laguna Hills - 95 properties
  • Newport Coast - 28 properties
  • Lake Forest CA - 139 properties
  • Mission Viejo CA - 325 properties
  • Aliso Viejo - 157 properties  
If you want to see a list of trustee auction sales scheduled for properties in any of these Orange County cities, contact us by email - - provide your name, what city foreclosure information you want, and your email address.
Buyers and investors should be careful with properties at trustee auction sales after foreclosure at Orange County and other CA areas.  These are very tricky and risky investment situations and require buyer experience, consultation with a real estate attorney, careful planning, and cash payment at the auctions.  



Source of information is Foreclosure, and this is for information only and not the providing of legal services.     

Contact us about listing and sale of Costa Mesa and Orange County CA homes and real estate. ~ Professional REALTOR® agent representation and help for property owners, private trust estate representatives, estate administrators, executors and heirs, probate and trust attorneys, estate planners, income tax professionals, public guardians, fiduciaries, investor group managers, bankers, and individuals, with listing and sale of properties at Orange County, CA.

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