Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Investor Buyers Like Orange County CA Foreclosure Values

Buyers and Investors like foreclosures 

Investor buyers like foreclosures  at  Orange County CA real estate - with good values, low prices, and solid rents.

Orange County like all of California has a foreclosure funnel - with some homes underwater - with others delinquent in payments, with some now in foreclosure where notice of default have been filed - and others bank owned after foreclosure.  

Investors aren't afraid of that news and are ready to buy more foreclosures at Orange County CA than the market has ready to sell.

Investor buyers see that many trustee auctions are postponed, or canceled, and that a small percentage of those are actually sold to third parties or back to the banks as REOs.

OC foreclosure filings Feb. 2012

Investor buyers like to see more foreclosures at Orange County - ready to buy them all either at trustee sale auctions or on the REO market.

During February, 2012, Orange County real estate foreclosure filing numbers were down - foreclosure sales at trustee auctions strong to third parties - and buyer demand invites foreclosures to be started and completed.  

OC foreclosure outcomes Feb. 2012

Investors bought 201 Orange County homes at trustee sale auctions during February this year, and buyers bought 342 REO homes on the open market during February.

Buyers and investors like foreclosures - good prices and value with high rents - at Orange County CA real estate.

Homes ending with foreclosure are either sold to third parties, or back to the banks as REOs, then eventually resold on the open market.

Orange County Ca real estate buyers are active and don't need government help or incentives to clear up foreclosure properties. 

Orange County, CA

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Source of information is Foreclosureradar.com and CRMLS.  This is for information only and is not the providing of legal services.  Buying foreclosure properties in California is risky, and buyers should use experienced Realtors for these transactions.  

Contact us about listing and sale of Orange County CA homes and real estate. ~ Professional REALTOR® agent representation and help for property owners, private trust estate representatives, estate administrators, executors and heirs, probate and trust attorneys, estate planners, income tax professionals, public guardians, fiduciaries, investor group managers, bankers, and individuals, with listing and sale of properties at Orange County, CA

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