Monday, August 20, 2012

Excellent Purchase Money and Mortgage Loan Rates

Home Purchase money lending

Even after recent market rate upswings, purchase money and mortgage loan rates are excellent for home buyers and refinancing borrowers.

Mortgage brokers here at Orange County CA on August 18, 2012, quoted the following rates on conforming loans to $417k:

Thirty-year, fixed-rate mortgage: 3.875 percent - with one point

Fifteen-year, fixed-rate mortgage: 3.0 percent - with one point

Five-year ARM: 2.75 percent - with one point

FHA loan up to $362,790 - 30 year fixed - 3.5 percent - with one point

Jumbo loan to $625,500 - 30 year fixed - 4.0 percent - with one point

Super jumbo loans higher than $625k - 30 year fixed - 4.375 percent - with one point

Lender requirements to approve loans are high, and the mortgage market is returning to more healthy underwriting standards.

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