Thursday, August 9, 2012

Orange County CA Great Park Balloon Ride in the Sky

OC great park balloon 

Continued debate goes on about the Orange County Great Park and whether it can or should get funding for development from the State of California, government and private companies in the future. 

great Park OC Irvine map

While local political debate continues -

Members of the public should at least check out and take a ride on the giant OC Great Park orange balloon, which hovers above the ground - the once upon a time U.S. El Toro Marine Corps Air Station at Irvine.

The Orange County Great Park is now involved in what its board hopes to be gradual conversion of the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro into a 1,347-acre public playground - which is expected to take years in the future.

The Great Park Balloon is a helium-filled ball with a people-carrying basket beneath it - the ride is free.

Permanently tethered and big enough to hold about 25 people, the OC Great Park balloon will go up about 400 feet from the ground - you can see for miles on a clear day - and operation is subject to weather permitting.

The balloon ride typically lasts eight to 10 minutes - you can see the old El Toro Marine Corps air station runways - hills and homes beyond - and the Great Park's planted strawberry fields.

A good time for the balloon ride might be on a Sunday when the farmers market is going on.  

The OC Great Park is located about about 2 miles southwest from the Irvine Spectrum Center.



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