Monday, September 3, 2012

Buyer Demand Runs Around Home Seller Supply at Orange County CA Real Estate

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Buyer demand is running around and over seller supply at Orange County CA housing - where lots of homes have been purchased by buyers, and supply of homes listed is way down.

So Orange County sold prices are up - as are home owner value positive expectations.

4,886 Orange County CA homes are now listed for sale - which is a 360 percent decrease from the high during September 2007.

17,898 homes were listed for sale during September 2007 - at the start time of the real estate slump.

Sellers and buyers need a healthy and balanced market, with lots of listings, easy to navigate and have sustainable buyer demand.

The Orange County housing market for 2012 has found lots of buyers and not enough sellers.

Home sales at Orange County have been solid this year, and owners now expect real estate value increases.

Realtors and real estate professionals want clear markets with buyer confidence and lots of listings.

Orange County CA housing market

If you are an Orange County property owner and want to sell, now would be a good time for you.


Source of some information is Steven Thomas at his

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