Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home Sellers Best Time to Move Up is Now

Move Up home sellers 

Best time for sellers to move up is now at Orange County CA real estate.

Selling prices have gone up during the past twelve months - with lots of motivated buyers - and limited number of listings, which resulted in markets now favoring sellers.

Sellers at Orange County should get off the sidelines to list and sell homes now - while taking advantage of higher selling prices and home buying at the next level with excellent mortgage rates


Example:  If a homeowner wants to upgrade and move up from a $500k home to an $750k home - and if he waits one year for prices to go up ten percent - the $500k home would be $550k, and the $750k home would also be $75,000 higher - now at $825,000.  So the seller would lose $25,000 by waiting to sell and move up. 

LOW MORTGAGE RATES ARE TEMPORARY Mortgage rates have remained near all-time lows and are still excellent.  

But these rates are temporary and will not last.  Expect U.S. Government's continued putting money into markets will eventually lead to inflation and higher mortgage rates.

Our advice to those who want to move up to a nicer or larger home is to ACT NOW - hire an experienced Realtor and real estate professional who will get your property on the market as soon as possible.  

Use your HOME SELLERS ADVANTAGE to list and sell quickly - then buy your next home while using some of the best mortgage opportunities in years. 


 Source of some information is Steven Thomas at ReportsOnHousing.com.    

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