Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Most Californians Still Follow the Suburban Living Dream

Millions of Southern Californians have followed the suburban living dream involving single-family homes during the past fifty years, and that trend continues.

Governor Brown has recently tried to dampen the California trend toward single-family home living.  He wants to encourage people to move away from suburbs and toward his urban living model - toward apartments and condos located near bus and rail transportation centers.
But that urban living idea won't work for most Californians.  
About 80 percent of new construction for residential property in CA continues to be single-family homes.  Californians like to buy and live in single-family houses, mostly in suburbs.
With the California housing recovery is moving in a positive direction, the market for rentals will probably decrease while people continue to buy single-family homes. 
Most Californians like their suburban living and won't move toward urban city life.
Planners and CA politicians should pay more attention to what people want and value in suburban living.  

Suburb areas should be improved for quality of life, including placement of solid public schools in each geographic area, hiking and biking trails, creating more open spaces and parks to be permanent and accessible for residents.



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  Source of some information is OCRegister.com and commentary by Joel Kotkin.     

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