Thursday, February 28, 2013

Newport Beach CA Home Selling Big Numbers to Cash Buyers

Newport Beach CA home owners sold lots of homes last year 2012 to all cash buyers.  Property sales were up and values improved.

Newport Heights homes

1,075 Newport Beach homes sold last year during 2012 - an average of almost 90 homes sold per month.

Average sold price of homes at Newport Beach last year was $1,439,382.

Cash buyers for homes

651 of the sold homes at Newport Beach during 2012 were to all cash buyers - so almost 60 percent of Newport Beach homes sales during 2012 were to cash buyers who used no purchase money loans.

It's not surprising that Newport Beach home sales were up last year - and that its home owner/sellers are getting happy again.

Newport Beach CA home selling


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Things Orange County Home Sellers Should Consider for Listing Strategy


Top Home Selling Strategy

Top Things for Orange County CA home sellers to consider prior to listing for sale. Orange County CA home selling

1. Clean and uncluttered is key for your seller success. Buyers always like to see clean and uncluttered homes.


2. Staging for showing and sale - Interior new paint and replacement furniture and furnishings could be the perfect improvement for your home to show off for buyers. Contact an experienced local Realtor agent for information on your choice of staging contractors.

3. PRICE IT RIGHT - See and used closed sale property comp data as key for success. price it right

Buyers will always look at the comps. When it comes to price, the market’s opinion on sold homes is what matters and will indicate range of value.


4. Preview other homes in the neighborhood. Real estate is local, and character and attractiveness of your home for buyers will depend upon how other properties show.

5. Consider possible renovations and improvements, which would bring you home up to community expectations and help it sell quickly.

6. Prepare your property and list your home for sale now and as soon as possible before start of springtime. You will want to list and market your home while others are on sidelines and before other sellers compete for your buyer.


Contact us for free comparative marketing analysis of your Orange County home and strategy for listing and selling at the highest price in the shortest possible time.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Orange County CA Housing Markets Continue to be Tight

Orange County continues to experience very tight housing markets and not enough homes listed to satisfy buyer demand.


Broker Steven Thomas at his said again this week that Orange County simply doesn't have enough homes on the market.


Orange County homes that are priced correctly and placed on the market these days are selling very quickly.

Number of homes sold last month January 2013 at Orange County is down from last year, because REALTORs® and brokers don't have enough homes to show and sell.

Number of active listings at Orange County - 3,271 homes - is close to number of pending sales - 2,887 homes.  This shows big buyer demand.  

Average market time for Orange County home selling - from list date to conclusion of sale - is very fast and favors sellers big time.

Orange County home owners who want to sell should know:  Now is the best time for Orange County sellers to get going, list for sale and price properties correctly.  Owners should contact experienced local REALTORs® and get their homes listed for sale now and as soon as possible.




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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Most Californians Still Follow the Suburban Living Dream

Millions of Southern Californians have followed the suburban living dream involving single-family homes during the past fifty years, and that trend continues.

Governor Brown has recently tried to dampen the California trend toward single-family home living.  He wants to encourage people to move away from suburbs and toward his urban living model - toward apartments and condos located near bus and rail transportation centers.
But that urban living idea won't work for most Californians.  
About 80 percent of new construction for residential property in CA continues to be single-family homes.  Californians like to buy and live in single-family houses, mostly in suburbs.
With the California housing recovery is moving in a positive direction, the market for rentals will probably decrease while people continue to buy single-family homes. 
Most Californians like their suburban living and won't move toward urban city life.
Planners and CA politicians should pay more attention to what people want and value in suburban living.  

Suburb areas should be improved for quality of life, including placement of solid public schools in each geographic area, hiking and biking trails, creating more open spaces and parks to be permanent and accessible for residents.



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Monday, February 11, 2013

Turtle Ridge Irvine CA Real Estate Update

Turtle Ridge Irvine real estate 

Turtle Ridge at Irvine CA is a luxury and private residential community - with about 1,400 homes located on the western side of the city in the hills area above Newport Coast.  

57 Shady Lane, Turtle Ridge Irvine -  $2,500,000 - 4 bedrooms and 3 baths - 3534 SF interior - active for sale - MLS# P836588

92 Turtle Ridge homes have sold during this past one year - with average sold price at $1,409,649 - average interior size of 2680 SF.  

11 Turtle Ridge homes are now under contract and in backup and pending status on the MLS.

Turtle Ridge now has 11 homes listed active for sale - with average asking price of $2,274,000 - and average interior size of 3624 square feet.  

26 Woodcrest, Turtle Ridge - $2,399,000 - active for sale - 3 bedrooms and 5 baths - 3887 sf interior size - MLS# S721174


Many of the Turtle Ridge homes have expansive views of the hills and some with Newport Coast views.


Turtle Ridge Irvine homes for sale listings - click here

22 Cezanne, Turtle Ridge - $2,000,000 - 5 bedrooms and 5 baths - 3400 sf interior - active for sale - MLS# L40471


Turtle Ridge Irvine homes for lease listings - click here


Contact us about Turtle Ridge Irvine homes and properties.   



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Contact us about Turtle Ridge Irvine homes and properties - whether you want to list and sell or buy a home.  


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Northpark Homes at Irvine CA Real Estate

Northpark homes at Irvine CA real estate are properties mostly built at some time during the past 15 years - and continue to offer safe and sought-after neighborhoods for buyers and residents.

Northpark Irvine homes

7 detached single family homes are now listed for sale at Northpark - with average asking price of $1,031,612 - average interior size of 2826 SF.


7 Hallwood, Northpark, Irvine - $845,000- 4 bedrooms and 3 baths - 2300 sf interior - sale is pending - MLS# S722147


24 Kernville, Northpark - $1,198,888 - 4 bedrooms and 4 baths - active for sale - 3664 sf interior size - MLS# S719815

30 Pacific Grove, Northpark - $1,285,000 - 4 bedrooms and 3 baths - 3500 sf interior size - sale is pending

51 detached single family homes sold at Northpark last year during 2012 - with average sold price at $963,534.

Northpark is located in the Tustin Unified School District where young people would mostly attend Beckman High School.

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Source of some information is CRMLS and involves homes listed and sold by all Realtors and brokers.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Newport Heights at Newport Beach CA Real Estate Update


Newport Heights is an area of Newport Beach with homes and businesses located above Newport Harbor and Pacific Coast Highway, East of Newport Blvd, south of 16th street, west of Upper Back Bay - and is a sought-after area for home buyers.

16 single family detached homes are now listed for sale at Newport Heights ~ with average interior size of 4,000 sf - and average asking price at $2,644,306.


Some people like architecture at Newport Heights for the vintage houses on some of the streets, and others like those that have been completely rebuilt from top to bottom during the past eight years.

See all NEWPORT HEIGHTS single family detached homes now listed for sale - click here.


Source of some information is CRMLS.

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Home Sellers Best Time to Move Up is Now

Move Up home sellers 

Best time for sellers to move up is now at Orange County CA real estate.

Selling prices have gone up during the past twelve months - with lots of motivated buyers - and limited number of listings, which resulted in markets now favoring sellers.

Sellers at Orange County should get off the sidelines to list and sell homes now - while taking advantage of higher selling prices and home buying at the next level with excellent mortgage rates


Example:  If a homeowner wants to upgrade and move up from a $500k home to an $750k home - and if he waits one year for prices to go up ten percent - the $500k home would be $550k, and the $750k home would also be $75,000 higher - now at $825,000.  So the seller would lose $25,000 by waiting to sell and move up. 

LOW MORTGAGE RATES ARE TEMPORARY Mortgage rates have remained near all-time lows and are still excellent.  

But these rates are temporary and will not last.  Expect U.S. Government's continued putting money into markets will eventually lead to inflation and higher mortgage rates.

Our advice to those who want to move up to a nicer or larger home is to ACT NOW - hire an experienced Realtor and real estate professional who will get your property on the market as soon as possible.  

Use your HOME SELLERS ADVANTAGE to list and sell quickly - then buy your next home while using some of the best mortgage opportunities in years. 


 Source of some information is Steven Thomas at    

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cash Buyers Dominating Orange County CA Real Estate Markets

Cash buyers for homes 

Orange County CA home buyers or putting enormous amounts of cash money into the buying process.

During 2012 year, Orange County buyers put $9.06 billion of their own funds into homes – that is cash spent in no-loan purchases plus down payments for sales with mortgages.

19 percent more cash was used for Orange County home buying during 2012 than during the past year 2011.

A shortage of for sale inventory at Orange County leads some sellers to favor cash buyers better than those with mortgages.

This big cash put into deals is a sign of home shopper confidence in Orange County CA homes and real estate.  

Orange County ca home selling


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